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Shortpath System 5LShort Path Distillation 5L includes, 5L Glas Col Mantle with Motor Drive, Controller, Thermocouple J 12″L x 1/4 Dia. With 72 inch cable, flask 3 neck 500ml with 24/40 joints, short path distillation Vigreux head 24/40-10/30, thermjoint chem glass cust style adapter connect straight 24/40,distilling receiver cow type all 24/40 joints, two (2) stainless steel clamps, keck clamp, 3 prong extension clamp, large support stand, stopper pennyhead 24/40 and three (3) round bottom flask, 500ml, 24/40

Weight 21.4 lbs
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 16 in
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