MZ-900 series stereozoom microscopes utilize a versatile boomstand mount for flexibility when
inspecting larger objects. The stand features a height and length adjustable, swing-type cross
arm matched to an angle adjustable focusing mount. The 7-45X zoom viewing head provides
crisp three-dimensional images and ample working distances. These units excel at a range of
uses including inspection stations, assembly work, photo documentation, biology, mineralogy
and many others.

Feature include: Eyepieces: Paired 10X Widefield eyepieces. Zoom range: 7-45X (1:6.4 ratio) Head: 45 inclined, 360 rotatable with dual diopter adjustments, interpupillary adjustment from 55- 75mm, binocular or trinocular configurations available Stand: The stand features X and Y axis arms attached to a heavy cast iron base. The microscope head can be extended on or rotated around the X and Y axes. Lighting: None built in. Use bright ambient lighting or customize accessory lighting for specific needs. Focusing mechanism: Durable, metal rack and pinion design, which features adjustable tension and a slip clutch to prevent gear damage. Finish: Chemical and stain resistant baked-on enamel finish.