The Lieder MZ-700X series represents our most popular stereozoom line. These instruments
combine a versatile 7-45X zoom range and a large well lit stage. The optics provide sharp,
three-dimensional images and good working distances. All models feature bright, variable
halogen upper lighting. Sub stage lighting configurations are available in either cool, long lived
fluorescent or bright variable halogen depending on model. Durable construction and ease of
use make these zooms a good choice for education, lab or industry.

Features include: Eyepieces: Paired 10X Widefield eyepieces. Zoom range: 7-45X (1:6.4 ratio) Head: 45 inclined, 360 rotatable with dual diopter adjustments, interpupillary adjustment from 55-75mm, binocular or trinocular configurations available Body: The body includes upper and lower illuminators. Upper illumination on all models is a quartz halogen lamp. Lower illumination is a variable halogen lamp or a fluorescent lamp. All models come with a large glass stage plate and stage clips. Focusing mechanism: Durable, metal rack and pinion design, which features adjustable tension and a slip clutch to prevent gear damage. Finish: Chemical and stain resistant baked-on enamel finish. Dustcover included. Height: 16, Base: 9X6.5 Heavy duty 3-wire cord for safety Dustcover included