MZ-600 series stereo zoom microscopes offer the convenience of variable magnification from 7
to 34 times in a simple student microscope. A four-way dual lighting system with 15W variable
halogen upper illumination and 5W fluorescent lower illumination provides bright yet cool
lighting. The design of MZ-600 microscopes is compact and durable making these scopes an
excellent choice for presentations and education.

Features include: Eyepieces: Paired 10X widefield eyepieces that are locked-on. Zoom range: 7-34X (1:4.8 ratio) Head: Binocular or trinocular heads rotate 360 and have diopter and interpupillary adjustment. Interpupillary adjustment is from 55 - 75mm. Trinocular head has vertical tube for photography or video microscopy. Body: Upper illumination is a variable quartz halogen (6V, 15W) lamp. Lower illumination is a cool fluorescent lamp to prevent specimens from overheating. A four way switch allows the upper and lower illumination to be on simultaneously or separately. Focusing mechanism: Durable rack and pinion design with a slip clutch to prevent damage to the gears Finish: Chemical and stain resistant baked-on enamel finish. Dustcover included